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Why I Chose LuLaRoe

When I first got introduced to direct sales marketing I thought "I'm sooo never doing that." I never liked the idea of trying to convince someone why they should stop doing whatever it is they're doing and start using my product, no matter how much I believed it would benefit them. And then to ask someone to ask their friends and family to sit down with me and listen to a presentation. It just doesn't sound fun! And I dread the idea of my friends feeling pressured to attend an event or to figure out ways to support me. LuLaRoe is DIFFERENT. Is it a network marketing company? Yes. Do people host parties? Yes. Do you have to put yourself out there and risk being shot down? YES. But! Yes there's a BUT and it's a big one ;) Women LIKE clothing! I'm going to be a bit presumptuous here and say...women like SHOPPING! What could be more fun then going to your friends house and shopping in her living room? Moreover, if they try on the clothes and don't like them they don't buy them but if they try them on and love them (and they likely will) then they will buy. No sales pitch, no explanations of why my dresses are better then say your local Target, it's just that simple. 

If you told me even a year ago that I'd be joining a network marketing company I probably would've fallen out of my chair (that's very like me, I'm quite clumsy). What I didn't know was that I'm not against network marketing I just hadn't found the right one. 


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