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Amy's Pop Up is a place for inspiration. A place to celebrate fashion & fun. A place to support one another in this crazy thing we call life. Welcome.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Amy, I'm a Leo and I like long walks on the beach and by beach I mean mountains. I come alive in the mountains which is why I live in Arizona...just kidding I live in Arizona because it's where I was born and raised, cactus doesn't do much for me though it's becoming quite trendy.

Like I said I'm a native Arizonan who got spoiled by 5 years in Boulder, Colorado and is now ruined for summer time. I think the best word to describe my temperament in 110 degree weather is cranky, fortunately it's only for about 4 months of the year (4 excruciating months). I am a college graduate from the beautiful University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in communication...it's literally the study of how people communicate with one another. I also have an associates in Interior Design. I have worked in the design industry in the pass but now I have a different full-time job, you might have heard of it before...an F.T.M.(Full Time Mom) with a side full time job as a LuLaRoe Consultant.

My children and my husband keep me grounded (not sane, just grounded). They are my world and I want to give them the best that life can offer.

*A note on my business name. After I made my first LuLaRoe purchase I said to my husband "I want to LIVE in LuLaRoe!" and there it was born.

Please follow me on this journey and don't hesitate to ask questions! I'm an open book I mean blog ;)